Agenda 1/8/2019

Homework:  Reading log #1 is due next Tuesday.

Bell work:  Write in your planner.  Copy the following GIGGLES IN THE MIDDLE sentence onto this week’s page in the BACK of your notebook:

its working.  you haven’t lost youre touch william.  yes you can still affect and discombobulate some of the teachers and last year in fact you recited cinquains which had an even greater effect on the teachers than the limericks.  are you going to go back to limericks this year


  • Discuss Giggles sentence

  • Discuss iready

  • Secure glue:

  • 65- Night Quiz Sheet

  • 66- After Auschwitz Test

  • 67- VLT #1 Flee Map

  • 68-  Annabel Lee

  • 69- “O’ Captain! My Captain”

  • 70- TPCASTT (blue)

  • 71- Annabel Lee (green)

  • Students will watch the following video about Abraham Lincoln.  (annotations go on Captain poem, pg 199)


  • If time, then students will watch the following video about Walt Whitman 


  • Use the TP-CASTT strategy to annotate and analyze the poem “O’ Captain! My Captain”  

  • Remember to use the (WORD) strategy we practiced on There But for the Grace and Annabel Lee

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