Agenda 12/11/2018

Bell work:  Obtain your IA Notebook, turn to page 61, and title it “There But for the Grace.”  Write in your planner.  Leave Night assignments out for Schroyer to collect.  Have a highlighter handy as well.

Planner:  Late work for Night.  Late Reading Logs.


  • Schroyer to collect your Night assignments.  Have them handy.

  • On page 61, briefly reflect on this statement:  Question why poetry can sometimes be challenging to understand.

  • Get yellow handout.

  • In your group of three, complete the following tasks.  Your determinations do not have to reflect your group mates’ answers.

  1. Quickly read through the words on the yellow page.

  2. Now read thoughtfully and highlight the five words (different) that stand out to you and your group for any reason.  Annotate the paper by documenting why you chose those words (use margins)

  3. While discuss with your partners defend your word choices and question your partners.  Be prepared to share with class.

  4. STOP

  5. Now look for patterns:  multiples, opposites, etc.  Again, annotate the paper by documenting what you have noticed.  Discuss with your partners.  Defend the patterns you have found and question the patterns of your partners.  Be prepared to share with class

  6. Team challenge (if time)

  7. Exit ticket:

Evaluate how looking at the words of a poem, in this way (alphabetized) with no stanzas, no line numbers, no title can lead to a reader understanding and author’s purpose to her poem.  Write this in (mini) RACE form.  This means just one piece of evidence and elaboration.

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