Agenda 12/7/2018

Bell work:  Write homework in your planner.  Have a pen ready for your test.

HomeworkNight and corresponding assignments are due on Monday.  Late reading logs.


  • Take test

  • When you are done, turn test over and cover it with your textbook

  • You may get out your copy of Night and read or work on the corresponding assignments which are due on Monday

  • If you are done with Night and its assignments, you can finish any incomplete work in your IA Notebook

  • No talking please


5th Period:

Bell work:  Get your IA Notebook.  Write in your planner.

Homework:  Outside reading logs are past due.  Final reading log of the 9 weeks is due Tuesday.



  1. Finish yesterday’s questions from page 384

  2. Re-read the speech

  3. Study words in both foldables

  4. Take test

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