Agenda 12/5/2018

Bell work:  Secure your IA Notebook and a textbook. Title page 58 “After Auschwitz” and turn to page R68 in your textbook.

Homework:  Read section 6 (or chapter 6) in Night.  Due date to finish corresponding assignments is Monday.


  • Create foldable

  • Ethos (ethical), pathos (emotional), and logos (logical) are the tabs

  • Copy definitions from back of the book (pages R68-71)

  • Look for Ethical, Emotional, and Logical in back of the book

  • Watch the following video: 

  • Read “After Auschwitz” by Elie Wiesel (pg. 379). 

  • Find examples of persuasive techniques from the text and add it to your foldable.

  • Find examples of rhetorical devices (what you and your partner defined for us yesterday) from the text and add it to your foldable. 

  • Ethos (ethical) is an appeal where the writer links a claim to a widely accepted image to gain support.

  • Pathos (emotional) is an appeal with a message that creates strong feelings in order to make a point.

  • Logos (logical) is an appeal is a way of writing or speaking which relies

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