Agenda 12/3/2018

Bell work:  Obtain your IA Notebook and your quiz sheet.

Homework:  Read next section/ chapter of Night by tomorrow.  Weekly reading due tomorrow as well.


  • Take quiz

  • Create foldable

  • These words go on the front tabs:

  • Alliteration

  • Assonance

  • Consonance

  • Imagery

  • Parallel structure

  • Repetition

  • Rhythm

  • Syntax

  • Theme

  • Tone

  1. Grab a textbook and a partner 

  2. You will make a poster defining one of the vocabulary words.  

  3. Poster requirements:  

  4. -The definition of the word.  

  5. – A sentence using the word in your own words.  

  6. One of the following activities:  

  • A picture using the word  

  • A haiku about the word  

  • Do a Frayer model about the word  

  • An acrostic poem  

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