Agenda 11/27/2018

Bell work:  Glue to page 56 and then update due dates on your handout (night dates) to reflect these date changes: night dates

Homework:  Read Night up to the words: “ANGUISH.  German soldiers–”  Weekly reading log is due Tuesday of next week.  Yes, you may use Night.  Be sure to have a 1-2 sentence summary and parent signature in your planner to receive weekly reading credit.


  • Be sure you have a pen.  Please cross out (use a single line) any changes you make today.

  • Break down is as follows

  1. Day one is reading an marking your text in any way you prefer.  Segue into planning sheet (FLEE Map)

  2. Day two is planning- completing a FLEE MAP.  Segue into typing your essay.

  3. Day three is typing your essay, reviewing and editing your essay, reviewing and editing your planning sheet (if needed).

  4. Typed essay is due to Schroyer via Office365 by end of period on Thursday.



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