Agenda 11/16/2018

Bell work:  Secure your IA Notebook and write in your planner.

Homework:  Read, read, read.  Get ahead of your outside reading which may include reading Night.  That’s your choice.

Classwork:  Final preparations with your team

  • Prepare for trial
  • Bailiff quiets the courtroom and asks all to rise
  • Judges come in and sit down.  They call court into session and speak to the jury about being open minded.  Verdict should be 100% dependent on the EVIDENCE!
  • Lionel’s lawyers begin with opening statements (INTRODUCTION PARAGRAPH)
  • Robert’s lawyers begin with opening statements (INTRODUCTION PARAGRAPH)
  • Lionel’s lawyers call witnesses / Bailiff swears them in
  • Robert’s lawyers can cross examine
  • Lionel’s lawyers end with closing statements (CONCLUSION PARAGRAPH)
  • Robert’s lawyers end with opening statements (CONCLUSION PARAGRAPH)
  • Jury votes / hands in writing their decision  (ESSAY GRADE) to the bailiff
  • Judges review and return paper to Bailiff
  • Head jurist reads decision to the courtroom
  • Judge declares trial over
  • Bailiff asks courtroom to rise, judges leave, trial is over

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