Agenda 10/30/2018

Twitter Template

Bell Work: Review the bubble maps you’ve made for both the setting and characters in Act 1 of The Diary of Anne Frank.

Homework: Late reading logs.  Missed pages to be read.


  • Using the evidence you’ve gathered in your bubble maps, answer the following questions:

  • What inferences can be made about your characters?

  • If social media existed back then, what types of information might your character have on their profile?

  • Create a social media page (Twitter, Instagram account) for the other character you chose (page 47).

  • Your page should include details about the characters’

  • Physical appearance

  • Thoughts/feelings

  • Actions

  • Dialogue

  • Your page should portray the character’s relationship with the other characters in the play. One way to do this is through the functions of the social media site – likes, comments, share/retweets, etc..

  • Your page should also include a profile picture, friends/followers section, and brief bio.

  • Your page should be detailed and accurately portray the character as he or she is portrayed in the play.

  • Your page should be neat, colorful, and reflect pride in your work.

  • Find a classmate who chose the same character as you and answer the following questions:

  • How do your profiles differ?

  • What evidence from the text suggests that the inferences you made about your character is the correct version of your character?

  • Using BYOT, compare your profile picture to an actual picture of your character.

  • Using your social media page, introduce your character to the class.

  • Reflect on today’s activity.

  • Which character(s) were better developed by the playwrights? How?

  • How does the format of Anne’s story affect the readers’ understanding of the characters in the play?

  • How could the playwrights have better portrayed the characters? What information could they have provided?

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