Agenda 10/22/2018

Bell work:  Get your IA Notebook and make two bubble maps- pages 46 & 47.  Document homework in your planner.

Homework:  Weekly reading is due tomorrow.  Last chance credit for the reading check you may have missed Tuesday a week ago.

Class work:

  1. First bubble map is for Anne Frank.  Her name goes in the middle.  Continue to fill in this bubble map until you run out of room.  Not so much what she looks like but how does she act?  How does the author use her character to move the play along?

  2. Second map is for a character of your choice.  Suggestions are Mr. Frank, Mr. Van Dann, Mrs. Frank or Mrs. Van Dann.  You will have trouble completing a bubble map on the other characters.

  3. Turn to page 279.  Select readers.

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