Agenda 10/16/2018

holocaust Project Pic  Holocaust Project Rubric

Bell work:  Get your IA Notebook and document homework in your planner.

Homework:  Print pictures, QR codes, and summaries. Get foam board. Project is due on Thursday.  Bring earbuds!

Deadlines-  Research was due 10/11

10/12- Podcast was due

10/16- Foam board, printed pictures, and printed QR code for your Podcast were due

10/18- Project is due!  Completed display board with picture captions/ printed pictures/ QR codes/ questions for your listeners


  • Discuss how you will put your project together.  Sketch out on notebook paper where everything will go, colors, how to make project look attractive.

  • In Office365 or on page 42, write a draft of the SUMMARIES (captions) for each picture.

  • Summaries should be typed and not more than one sentence.

  • Schroyer to check Podcast completion.

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