Agenda 10/4/2018


Bell work:  Write in your PLANNER!  Obtain your IA Notebook, your Summary Graphic Organizer, notes on page 39.  Media Center Permission Forms go in tray on back counter.

Homework:  Study RACE strategy in your notebook, your notes on page 39, your completed graphic organizer, and re-read articles starting on page 247.  Test is tomorrow (summative) and FINAL day to remediate and re-take argumentation vocab test.


  • Self-grade Graphic Organizer

  • Define the six vocab defs using the glossary in the back of the textbook.  Use page 41 in your IA Notebook

  • Number page 40, #1-5.  Answer the questions from page 260 in RACE paragraph form- start with #4.  Document your answers on page 40 of your notebook.

  • Take your IA notebook home to study!

  • Glue Graphic Organizer (hinge fold) to page 39

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