Agenda 10/3/2018

Bell work:  Obtain your IA Notebook, find page 39 (handout from yesterday) and copy homework in your planner.  Put Media Center Permission Form in tray on back counter.

Homework:  Late reading summaries.  Remediation and re-takes for argumentation vocab test continue each morning, WTime, or lunch.  Test (Summative) on two articles is this Friday.


  • Page 256- read second information text regarding teens and driving

  • With your desk partner copy notes on page 258 for deductive reasoning and inductive reasoning

  • Obtain two sticky notes

  • On one sticky note write the word DEDUCTIVE reasoning and on the other sticky note write INDUCTIVE reasoning.

  • Document an example of each onto the appropriate sticky note.  Include the line #

  • Write your name on each sticky note.

  • Place on the bulletin board in front

  • Glue page 39 if time

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