Agenda 10/01/2018


Bell work:  Secure your IA Notebook.  Copy hw in your planner.

23.  Thinking Maps (white)  Hinge fold over notes

26.  RACE (PINK)

27.  RACE  (WHITE) Glue over T chart

29.  Thinking Maps (white)- Glue over notes

30.  Essay / Color-Marked/ Hinge Fold- FIRM PAGES STARTING HERE!!!!

31.  “Hanging Fire” Poems- hinge fold

32.  “Hanging Fire” Quiz (PINK)

33.  “Teens at Work”- Hinge Fold

34.  “Teens need jobs . . .”- Hinge Fold

35.  Argumentation Vocab Test

36.  FLEE MAP For Teens Work Essay

37.  Plot Diagram for “Marigolds” and hinge fold “Marigolds” questions from page 226

38.  WALTER for “Marigolds”

Homework:  Reading logs are due tomorrow.  Get young adult novels permission form signed.  Final week to remediate argumentation vocab test.  NO REMEDIATION PAST FRIDAY!  Make flashcards for all the words and re-take test before school, WTime, or during lunch.


  • page 247 in textbook

  • page 39 in IA Notebook Title it Central Idea

  • read page 255 if time and write answer to #1 on page 39


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