Agenda 9/19/2018

Homework:  Printouts with signatures.  Reading starts again- 2.5 hours with a summary by next Tuesday.  Can still turn in last week’s reading through Tuesday of next week.  Extra help is in the morning at 8:25 or any WT- ask for a pass.

Bell work:  Signed printouts go into tray in back of the room.

the last member of the troop sam sagacious simply stood wisely and mutely as he waited for the clamor to die down.  he held a huge heavy book nortons anthology of poetry in his hand and pretended to read it but he really was watching alessandra amorous who he liked


  1. Turn to page 219 (ish) and read along as we finish listening to Marigolds.

  2. Page 37- Draw a blank plot diagram.  Use sample on page 16.  You can complete your plot diagram as we are reading or wait until we finish reading tomorrow.

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