Agenda 9/12/2018

Homework:  Outside reading continues.  Use either the monthly calendar or weekly portion of your planner to document your 2-3 sentence summary for your 2.5 hours of reading per week.  Just one summary and just one parent or guardian signature.

Bell work:  Locate your IA Notebook.  Copy homework in your planner. Copy the following GIGGLE SENTENCE:

  • me and my other magic friends practiced all summer retorted a slightly indignant felicia.  im getting a little gooder at it.  im doing good.


MUST HAVE YOUR FLEE MAP FILLED TO BEGIN TYPING.  If not, please do more planning and then get to typing ASAP.

  • Log into your v-portal, Office 365, new document

  • VLT PRACTICE #1- Work Essay

  • Share with cjschroy- you will see my name and pic pop up

  • Means you don’t share this with me again.  I will have access to your updated copy.

  • Type your essay

  • It’s okay if you do not finish typing today.  Goal is to finish as much as possible.

  • We have tomorrow’s class period to type as well.

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