Agenda 9/11/2018

Bell work:  Locate your IA Notebook.  Copy homework in your planner. Copy the following GIGGLE SENTENCE:

  • you know it will backfire on you felicia cautions isabelle ingenuous.  you dont want to obliterate youre knew hairdo do you

Homework:  Outside reading begins.  Use either the monthly calendar or weekly portion of your planner to document your 2-3 sentence summary.  Total of 2.5 hours per week.  PARENT SIGNATURE IS REQUIRED.

Class work:

  • Fix your GIGGLE sentence

  • Color-mark your essay with the following colors:

  1. YELLOW- highlight the claim in the intro (1st paragraph)

  2. Read entire essay

  3. RED- underline the topic sentence in the first body paragraph (2nd paragraph- the reason why teens should work)

  4. GREEN- Underline the evidence provided.  Could be a quote from the story or paraphrasing of the story.

  5. BLUE- Underline the explanation or elaboration provided.  This would be what the writer (you or your partner) is thinking.  Look for “This shows, this means, or for example.”

  6. REPEAT these colors for the next paragraph (3rd paragraph)

  7. YELLOW- Counterclaim paragraph (3rd body paragraph or 4th paragraph) Highlight the counterclaim.  Look for opposite reason about why teens should work.

  8. RED- Underline the concession- look for a reason.  May be part of the counterclaim sentence.

  9. GREEN- Rebuttal- look for an argument against the opposition’s evidence or reasons

  10. BLUE- Call to Action- Restates the claim and gives a final reason or warning for their overall purpose or claim

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