Agenda 9/10/2018

Bell work:  Locate your IA Notebook.  Copy homework in your planner.   Leave planner on your desk until Schroyer sees it.

Homework:  Outside reading begins.  Use either the monthly calendar or weekly portion of your planner to document your 2-3 summary.  Total of 2.5 hours per week.  PARENT SIGNATURE IS REQUIRED.

Class work:

  • Go to the back of your IA Notebook


  • Copy the following-

  1. Capitalize your own first and last name

  2. Capitalize the date and day of the week

  3. Use a comma in the date

  4. Be sure to use your margins properly

  5. Copy the sentence correctly without misspelling any words or skipping any words

  6. Write the number of errors you found in the left margin and circled

  7. You can use proofreader marks (see your page 3) or a DIFFERENT colored pen

  • Go to next page but backwards and copy this sentence:

felicia began to mutter words of a spell too encourage her freind pauline puerile to cheer up.  isabelle ingenuous put her hand over felicias mouth two stop her from uttering her spell

corrected sentence

  • Glue the following pages into your notebook

31. Annotated poems (white page)

32.  poetry quiz (pink)

33.  Teens at Work

34.  Teens Need Jobs

35.  Argument Test


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