Agenda 9/7/2018

Bell work:  Put the following supplies out on your desk-

  • IA Notebook

  • 2 annotated articles about working teens

  • 1 FLEE MAP

  • 1 blank sheet of ntbk paper (NOT from your IA Notebook)

  • pen

Homework:  Begin reading this weekend.  If you complete your minutes, write a 2-3 sentence summary in your planner and have it initialed by a parent or guardian.  Make arrangements if you missed today’s essay.


  • Do the best you can- Stay in that positive mindset.

  • You have until the end of the period.

  • Utilize the RACE strategy if this is something with which you are familiar.

  • Refer to pages 20, 24, and your notes on page 30

  • If you finish early- 6-8 sentences; 3 pieces of evidence in each paragraph; have each component of a counter claim/; quotation marks; good vocabulary; 

Write an essay which you take a position on whether or not teens should work for experience or money?

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