Agenda 8/29/2018


Bell work:

  • Locate your IA Notebook

  • Be sure to get a copy of today’s handout(s)


  • Take your work home if you were unable to complete in class

  • Continue to study argumentation vocabulary for summative test

Class work:

  • Take quiz on argumentation vocabulary

  • Create foldable

  • Complete a foldable on the LLCCC strategy for annotating texts. 


  • Copy these notes under the tabs

  • Locate (1st tab) the title. 

  • Put a box around it. 

  • What might the title reveal about the passage? 

  • Label (2nd tab) the passage. 

  • P – Pro (for the topic) 

  • A – Anti (against the topic) 

  • Code (3rd tab) the Paragraph. 

  • Underline key/main or repeated ideas. 

  • Circle (4th tab) the names of important people. 

  • Write a 3-4 word summary for each paragraph. 

  • Note any visuals, graphs, charts, etc. 

  • Cover (5th tab) the Prompt. 

  • Highlight or Color Mark the evidence that addresses the prompt. 

  • Check the Logic. 

  • Do the quotes you selected make sense for your argument? 

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