Agenda 8/28/2018

Bell work:  FSA Argumentative Rubric (1)

  • Obtain your IA Notebook

  • Review argumentation vocabulary from yesterday


  • Continue to study argumentation vocabulary for tomorrow’s quiz

  • Take notebook home and finish double bubble map or your own summary if more time is needed


  1. Students will cut apart the examples from yesterday.

  2. Teacher will give students the answers

  3. Students will glue correct answers into notebook.

Obtain and annotate the FSA Argumentation Rubric by circling the nouns and underlining the adjectives.  

  • Contrast the elements in the Purpose, Focus, Organization, as well as in the Evidence and Elaboration categories for a score of a 2 and 3 by completing only the outer bubbles of the double bubble map.  (see example in my notebook or on back bulletin board)

    Create your own Argumentation Rubric in your notebook.  

  • Set up your notebook page to look like a rubric. Scores down one side, and Purpose, Focus and Organization, Evidence and Elaboration, Conventions of Standard English.

  • Write one-two sentence for each box that summarizes the subject.

  • The sentence(s) needs to use vocabulary from the original rubric.

  • This activity can be done in partners, but both partners need to have a rubric in their notebook.

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