Agenda 8/23/2018


Bell work:

  • Secure a pen

  • Obtain your IA Notebook

  • Page 24- Title is Venn Diagram


  • Finish Venn Diagram if you want more time


  1. Make a venn diagramon page 24

  2. Title of each poem on one side and then the other

  3. Record details in each of the larger circles about the ONE poem (10+)

  4. Record details BOTH poems have in the middle (5+)

Periods 1-4 and 7

Bell work:

  • Secure handout from tray near the door

  • Obtain your IA Notebook

  • Title page 23 BIRTHDAYS

  • Fold page down the middle (lengthwise) and make a line down the middle.  Then draw a line across the middle and again diving page into eight parts.  (See sample)


  • Read both poems twice

  • Annotate each poem using any and all skills you have previously learned.  Such as:

Write questions in the margin; circling vocabulary or unusual words; any rhyme scheme; similes, metaphors, and other literary devices; document three inferences you can make about each poem; document three themes which can be supported by evidence


  • In each box record classmate’s name and DOB

  • In the corresponding box document (in just a few words) historical event, facts, figures, that relate to history in some way.  Do not record the social aspects unless you choose to.

  • History

  • Civil War

  • Holocaust

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