Agenda 8/22/2018


Bell work:

  • Secure a pen

  • Obtain your IA Notebook

  • Title page 22 Inference and Theme Notes


  • Late Plain Polly or Boring Bob


Copy these notes onto page 22


Logical guess based on text clues and your own knowledge and experience, in order to identify a poem’s speaker. 

  • Understand what is stated but implied in the text.

  • Make conclusions that are not stated but are based on information found in the text.

  • Make judgments about characters, events, theme and plot that have not been explicitly stated.

  • Think about the deeper meanings of text.

  • Recognize symbolism and use it to interpret the text.  

  • Develop theories that explain characters motives or events

  • Develop empathy for characters

  • Use background knowledge and information from the text to form theories about the significance of events.



A theme is a message about life or human nature that a writer shares with readers. It is usually developed over the course of a poem, rather than stated directly at the beginning or end. Sometimes the lesson a speaker or character leans is a sufficient clue to help readers determine theme.  

Other elements to help determine theme:  

  • The poems title

  • Important statements the speaker takes

  • Images and details that stand out

  • Repeated words and phrases


With a partner or you may work by yourself-

  1. Write three inferences you can make about each poem.

  2. Write three possible themes about both poems

  3. Write these directly on the paper with the poems

Periods 1-4 and 7

Bell work:

  • Obtain your IA Notebook

  • Title page 22 BIRTHDAYS

  • Fold page down the middle (lengthwise) and make a line down the middle.  Then draw a line across the middle and again diving page into eight parts.  (See sample)


  • Check to be sure you shared with me under the name of Birthday!

  • Late notebook, late Plain Polly or Boring Bob

  • Late Birthday PP (NOT 5th period)


  • In each box record classmate’s name and DOB

  • In the corresponding box document (in just a few words) historical event, facts, figures, that relate to history in some way.  Do not record the social aspects unless you choose to.

  • History

  • Civil War

  • Holocaust

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