Agenda 8/21/2018


Bell work:

  • Secure a pen

  • Obtain your IA Notebook

  • Title page 21 Poetry Notes


  • Check your grade on Gradebook

  • Late Plain Polly or Boring Bob


Copy these notes onto page 21

  1. Read Poem

  2. Read it again

  3. Underline parts that rhyme (rhyme scheme)

  4. Double underline parts which are similes, metaphors, repetition (figurative language)

  5. Circle things which seem important or confusing

  6. Write any questions out to the side (margin)

  7. Put a box around unusual words

  8. At the top of the paper guess what you think the message or lesson is (theme)

  • Do this work together as a class

Bell work:

  • Obtain your IA Notebook

  • Title page 21 BIRTHDAYS

  • Fold page down the middle (lengthwise) and make a line down the middle.  Then draw a line across the middle and again diving page into eight parts.  (See sample)


  • Check to be sure you shared with me under the name of Birthday!

  • Late notebook, late Plain Polly or Boring Bob

  • Late Birthday PP (NOT 5th period)


  • In each box record classmate’s name and DOB

  • In the corresponding box document (in just a few words) historical event, facts, figures, that relate to history in some way.  Do not record the social aspects unless you choose to.

  • History

  • Civil War

  • Holocaust

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