Agenda 8/17/2018

Bell work

  • Secure a pen

  • Place SIGNED syllabus, code of conduct, or Emergency Card into tray on the back counter

  • Open planner to today’s entry and copy homework


  • IA Notebook (9 x 11); syllabus signed by a parent or guardian; plain polly or Boring Bob; add your phone and or a parent’s phone to REMIND

  • Work on birthday 1 birthday birthday page 2 also due on Monday (not 5th period)

  • ALL of these items are due by Monday

Classwork: 5th period!!!

  • Get out a sheet of notebook paper

  • Be sure your name is on your paper

  • In a paragraph write about your first week of school.   How did each of your classes go?  Have you made new friends?  Write about the goals you set for yourself.  Lastly, write about something you believe you can accomplish this school year.  If you know the RACE strategy, please use it.  If you don’t write about 6-8 sentences.

  • Copy this sentence and find 10 errors!

felicia began to mutter words of a spell too encourage her freind pauline puerile to cheer up.  isabelle ingenuous put her hand over felicias mouth two stop her from uttering her spell

  • Read poem and annotate it

Classwork: 1-4, 7

  • Review procedure regarding handouts and materials

  • Review annotations and adjustments to  handouts

  • Due date is Monday

  • Get a computer, begin research and PP, save to Office365 ONLY!

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