Agenda 5/25/2018

Bell work:  Get your portfolio if you are presenting today.  Corral your BATHROOM PASSES, be sure your name is on the first line, and get ready to turn them in for extra credit.

Homework: None


  • Presentations for those students who had previously signed up to do so.

  • Be sure to discuss with the class the horror elements your project covers and how.

  • Discuss what your project reveals regarding Dr. J and Mr. Hyde.

Period 7:

Bell work:  Get your portfolio and determine which portfolio assignments you are missing or if it is ready for me to grade.


  • Frayer models (Frankenstein and Dr. J) You should have two (2) sets of vocab

  • Pick another chapter on which to complete a character chart.  Use your own paper this time.  Again, you should have two character charts. One for chapters 1-7 and the other for chapters 8-10

  • Choose 2 more activities (total of 4) Two from last week and chapters 1-7 and two more from chapters 8-10.

  • Culminating activity- One from last week and the second one where you pretend you are Dr. Jekyll.  Total of two culminating activities.  (See blue paper for further directions.)


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