Agenda 5/23/2018

Bell work:  Get your portfolio if you are presenting today.

Homework: None


  • Presentations for those students who had previously signed up to do so.

  • Be sure to discuss with the class the horror elements your project covers and how.

  • Discuss what your project reveals regarding Dr. J and Mr. Hyde.

Period 7:

Bell work:  Get your portfolio and determine which portfolio assignments you are missing or if it is ready for me to grade.


  • Frayer models (Frankenstein and Dr. J) You should have two (2) sets of vocab

  • Pick another chapter on which to complete a character chart.  Use your own paper this time.  Again, you should have two character charts. One for chapters 1-7 and the other for chapters 8-10

  • Choose 2 more activities (total of 4) Two from last week and chapters 1-7 and two more from chapters 8-10.

  • Culminating activity- One from last week and the second one where you pretend you are Dr. Jekyll.  Total of two culminating activities.  (See blue paper for further directions.)


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