Agenda 5/16/2018


Print your own copy of Character Chart

Check Part II Portfolio requirements here– The Thrill of Horror Portfolio part 2 (1)

Listen to book here- click

Bell work:  Locate your portfolio and copy of book.

Homework:  Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde- continue to read 2nd half of book and 2nd column of assignments due tomorrow!    Finalize your CREATIVE culminating activity.


  • Creative culminating activity sign-up sheet will go around.  Take advantage of this extra-credit opportunity and chance to get even more creative than what is afforded you on the assignment sheet.

  • New tab or sticky note to differentiate Part II work.  Frankenstein vocab goes in Frankenstein section.  Be sure to update your Table of Contents.

  • Read book

  • Work on corresponding assignments as you read or after finishing the book.

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