Agenda 4/23/2018

EXAMPLE- table of contents

 The Thrill of Horror Portfolio CALENDAR

Performance Task Rubric


Bell work:  Remove the contents found behind the HORROR STORY TAB, keep them to work on your story, and get ready to turn your portfolio in.  Be sure to have several sheets of notebook paper on which to write.

Homework:  First rough draft of your Horror Story is due on Wednesday.  PORTFOLIO is past due may be turned in for late credit.


  • HORROR STORY-  Using page 109 (Writer’s Toolbox), pink rubric, and the essay you wrote about your Horror Story during our Unit Test, begin writing your own Horror Story.

  • Review handout.  Must be typed and shared on Office365.  Where will you print your story?  A copy of your story is due (ROUGH DRAFT) on Wednesday.

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