Agenda 3/22/2018

Bell work:  IA Notebook and a Closed Reader.  Review your summary and notes (from yesterday) found on page 117  Think-Tac-Toe Horror Genre Portfolio requirements.

Homework:  At a minimum complete vocab, CHOICE, and have a thorough idea for your Culminating Activity.  One 3-ring notebook and 10 dividers will be graded tomorrow.  All assignments which go with our first “tab” will also be graded at the end of the period. Materials are due tomorrow.


1. Finish T chart on 117 to document characteristics of Mary Shelly’s creature as portrayed in her novel versus in the movie.

2.  At the bottom of 117 record five additional notations regarding the creation of Mary Shelly and her novel, Frankenstein.

4.  As a class re-read last two pages of essay which begins on page 35.

5.  Complete Frayer Models (look at your notes on page 20) for all seven vocab words.

6.  Complete CHOICE  assignment

7.  Begin Culminating Activity if time.


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