Agenda 3/6/2018


Period 7

Bell work:  Secure your IA Notebook, turn to page 105.  Title it O Captain! My Captain!  PLACE YOUR UNUSED BATHROOM PASSES (FOR EXTRA CREDIT) IN THE TRAY IN BACK OF THE ROOM)

Homework:  Check Grade book and see if  you have work which can still be turned in for credit.  Warrior Time?  Before or after school??


  • Read poem on page 199.
  • On page 105 list three things you were able to figure out in the poem
  • Below that, list three questions you have.
  • Answer questions from page 202 onto page 105 in your IA Notebook.  Be sure to include evidence from the test.
  • Discuss
  • Listen to Poem

Bell work:  Place your unused bathroom passes into the tray in the back of the room.  Realize your IA notebook and 1 green card (periods 2, 3, and 4) for notes on today’s Socratic Seminar.  Page 108- title it Harry Potter Visual Expectations.

Homework:  Analyze your grades on GB to determine if remediation can help you earn a better grade.  Come in early with your questions and we will go from there.


  • Complete Socratic Seminars

  • Use a timer on your phone to help you keep track of your expired time.  Watch for warnings on time.

  • Green card is where you document info from page 106.

  • Remember our rubric:

  • 4- Listening and questioning are fully sustained and focused and supported by textual evidence (A)

  • 3- Listening and questioning are adequately sustained and supported by textual evidence (B)

  •  2- Listening and questioning are somewhat sustained and supported by textual evidence (C)

    1.  Bullet points- ten scenes/ things/ ideas you are wondering how those items will be portrayed in the movie

    2.  Star three of those as your top three curosities

    3.  As we watch the video clip document ten surprises you have encountered.  Things you thought might look different or perhaps significant changes which you find quizzical.

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