Agenda 3/5/2018

Period 7

Bell work:  Secure your IA Notebook, turn to page 105.  Title it O Captain! My Captain!

Homework:  Check Grade book and see if  you have work which can still be turned in for credit.


  • Read poem on page 199.
  • On page 105 list three things you were able to figure out in the poem
  • Below that, list three questions you have.
  • Answer questions from page 202 onto page 105 in your IA Notebook.  Be sure to include evidence from the test.

Bell work:  Realize your IA notebook and 1-2 green cards for notes on today’s Socratic Seminar.

Homework:  None


  • Continue with Socratic Seminars

  • Use a timer on your phone to help you keep track of your expired time.  Watch for warnings on time.

  • Green card is where you document info from page 106.

  • Remember our rubric:

  • 4- Listening and questioning are fully sustained and focused and supported by textual evidence (A)

  • 3- Listening and questioning are adequately sustained and supported by textual evidence (B)

  •  2- Listening and questioning are somewhat sustained and supported by textual evidence (C)

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