Agenda 2/27/2018

Period 7

Bell work:  Secure your IA Notebook, turn to page 104, and turn to page 190 in your textbook.

Homework:  Finish reading story if you would like more time.  You can read through Vportal.  Check Grade book and see if  you have work which can still be turned in for credit.


  • Finish reading Lincoln on page 190.  You will read the text on your own.

  • Answer questions 1-5 on page 196.  Be sure to include evidence from the test.

  • Read and mark the text you have in your IA notebook.  It’s on blue paper and is called The Gettysburg Address.  You can use LLCCC notes you have on page 44 in your Notebook.

  • Pink vocabulary page may be completed as well.

Bell work:  Wrangle your IA Notebook and turn to page 106.  Page 107 is “Lincoln.”  How is your double-bubble map coming along?

Homework:  Tonight read Lincoln on page 177.  You are responsible for reading this text by tomorrow.  Be sure to bring your questions and areas of clarification to class tomorrow as well.  Fill in your double-bubble map (p. 107) of Lincoln and Davis.  FSA style test covering this text is this Friday, 3/2/2018, for our final Summative grade of the 9 weeks.


  • Groups will be randomly called.

  • Use a timer on your phone to help you keep track of your expired time.  Watch for warnings on time.

  • Green card is where you document info from page 106.  Same numbers as yesterday.

  • Remember our rubric:

  • 4- Listening and questioning is fully sustained and focused  (A)

  • 3- Listening and questioning is adequately sustained (B)

  • 2- Listening and  questioning is somewhat sustained  (C)


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