Agenda 2/23/2018

Period 7– Get 3 handouts.  Open your IA Notebook to page 105.  Get  the computer which matches your desk number.

Homework:  Check Gradebook for your missing work.  Remediation points on VLT can still be earned.


1.  Log into your computer if you have not already done so.

2.  Go to DICTIONARY.COM.  (Be sure this is the ONLY place you visit while on the computer.  This includes Gradebook.

3.  Complete the pink vocabulary handout using DICTIONARY.COM SYNONYMS to help where needed.

4.  RACE paragraphs when asked to write

Periods 1-5

Bell work:  Obtain yellow handout, locate your IA Notebook, sit with your Socratic Seminar group, and turn to page 104.

Homework:  Summaries are now three days past due.  Work on your Socratic Seminar prep.  Contact your partners to be sure you have accurate information and to be sure all is proceeding well.  ClickHarry Potter Socratic Seminar Questionsfor copy of Socratic Seminar expectations and questions.  BRING BOOK TO CLASS TOMORROW!  Seminars begin on Monday!


  • On page 104 write (AGAIN) two sentences regarding what you accomplished for your Socratic seminar including today’s date.  Sent a group text, sent an Instagram to each other, met during WT in the cafeteria, re-read a chapter, etc.

  • Send one person for glue and glue yellow handout onto page 106.

  • Continue discussing your question/topic

  • Compose questions you can ask each other during the Seminar

  • Finalize quotes and references in the text.

  • Begin your discussion.  Schroyer to observe.

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