Agenda 2/21/2018

Period 7:

Bell work:  Secure blue handout.  Realize your IA Notebook, turn to page 104, and title it Lincoln.  Let’s finish early today!

Homework:  None


  • Read and listen to story regarding Abraham Lincoln..


Bell work:  Realize your IA Notebook, turn to page 104, title it Socratic Seminar, secure pink handout, and locate your quiz sheet.

Homework:  Summaries are now two days past due.  Work on your Socratic Seminar prep.  Contact your partners to be sure you have accurate information.  ClickHarry Potter Socratic Seminar Questionsfor copy of Socratic Seminar expectations and questions.  BRING BOOK TO CLASS TOMORROW!


  • Take quiz

  • Glue handout to page 105

  • Document partners’ names onto page 104

  • Document which question you will be researching


4- Student fully determined/ provided clear and appropriate evidence from the text

3- Student adequately determined/ provided but some text evidence is a bit unclear

2- Student somewhat determined/ provided but text evidence is not included or incorrect

Click socratic seminar standards for details.


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