Agenda 2/13/2018

Bell work:  Corral your IA notebook and glue summaries onto 98-100.  Obtain your FSA essay and markers.

Homework:  Read through chapter 10.  Quiz on Wednesday.


  1. Continue color-marking your essay:

    PINK- transitions; BLUE– appropriate style and tone; RED- maintained controlling idea; BLACK– Has a beginning, middle, and end with a strong conclusion; ORANGE– Precise sources; GREEN- Variety of elaboration techniques; PURPLE– Precise language; YELLOW– Sentence variety; GRAY– Academic/ Domain vocab used

  2. Written reflection on what you did well (must have evidence) and what can be improved (with evidence).  RACE paragraph with two evidences and two elabs will suffice.

  3. Pick one paragraph and re-write it incorporating these changes.  Be sure to annotate which paragraph you chose to re-write.  This will count as remediation on your essay grade.

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