Agenda 1/30/2018

Bell work:  IA Notebook page 95.  Glue pink handout.  Secure one box of markers.

Homework:  VLT #3 is this Thursday with your testing group and teacher.  Be sure to locate which classroom or location you are to report.  Continue making corrections on your PP and documenting those corrections on pages 93/94 in your IA Notebook.


  • Semicolon- punctuation most of us avoid.  Discuss

  • Like an exclamation point (!) use sparingly- maybe once per essay.  Twice- max!

  • Planning- discuss what planning looks like when we don’t get a FLEE MAP or other specific planning sheet

  • List some ideas/ how long should planning take/ why plan?


  1. Turn to page 86 (paragraph you wrote about your abolitionist)

  2. Using the markers color your sentences in this way:

  3. PURPLE– For your topic sentence

  4. GREEN– The evidence (quoted or paraphrase) you used

  5. YELLOW– Citation

  6. BLUE– Your elaboration

  7. Discuss what it means if you do not have a balance of colors in your paragraph.  Infer what having too much or too little of one color means.

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