Agenda 1/22/2018


Bell work:  Log into your Office365 account.  Retrieve your IA Notebook and glue (YELLOW) new rubric to page 84.  Glue GREEN Peer Edit Sheet to page 88.  Locate your WHITE Informational Rubric and glue it on page 89.

Homework:  PowerPoint Essay is DUE today.  Tonight critique and practice your presentation using the rubric on page 88 as a guide.   Remember, a good portion of your grade is in your project’s presentation.  View Abolitionist Movement Rubrichere.  Example Abraham Lincolnis here.  Books for Wednesday’s book carnival!!!!  Comic Book Character Dress-Up Day is tomorrow and come to school dressed as your favorite super hero


  • Review updated rubric

  • Be sure your file is named Abolitionist PowerPoint Essay.

  • If you haven’t already– —SHARE PP Essay with CJSchroy  Please do not share it multiple times.

  • Work on improving slides following updated rubric

  • Work on presentation aspect and how you will address the class

  • I will be after school for one hour this afternoon if you want to stay and use a computer or practice your presentation.

  • I will be here at 8 A. M. tomorrow morning if you would like to use a computer or practice your presentation.


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