Agenda 1/16/2018

Bell work:  Wrangle a PEER EDIT sheet and INFORMATIONAL RUBRIC from the tray by the door.  Corral your IA Notebook and turn to page 85.  Read over the rubric focusing on the scores of 3 and 4 in both categories.

Homework:  Finish re-write of your paragraph getting it ready for grading.  Spelling bee is tomorrow.  Words are in your IA Notebook.

Class work:

  1.  Study the summaries of both scores- 3 and 4- in both categories.

  2. Locate 2-3 words which will produce a score of 3 or 4 and circle them

  3. Be prepared to explain why you chose those words

  4. Write your name on the green paper you retrieved by the door.

  5. You will be randomly partnered with a classmate.  Read their paragraph on page 85.

  6. Complete the peer edit sheet with as much detail as possible.  Your efforts will be graded.

  7. Justify the score you gave the paragraph with details directly from the rubric.

  8. Using the details and score provided by your peer editor, copy over or re-write your paragraph onto page 86.  This is the paragraph which will be graded by Schroyer.

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