Agenda 1/12/2018


Bell work:  Corral your IA notebook and turn to page 85.  Begin developing a full paragraph for ONE of your three reasons/ topics which support Why does your abolitionist deserve to be in the Hall of Fame? 

Homework: Bring in your used books to exchange them at the Book Carnval.  Research tonight if you require more information or are behind due to absences.  Begin collecting visuals for your PP.   Spelling bee is Wednesday of next week.  Page 77 if you want to study.  This will be a participation grade.


  •  obtain a completion grade on pages 82-83 if you did not get one yesterday (absent) or got less than 100%

  • Select one (of your three topics/ reasons) ideas and develop it into a paragraph

  • Write this paragraph on page 85

  • Use RACE

  • Use one word creatively- circle it

  • compare and share information/ begin formulating ideas for your three paragraphs (as if you were writing the essay).  What would be the three best topics on which to write?  Discuss, create, suppose, design, and compose any and all of those paragraphs on page 85.

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