Agenda 12/4/2017


Bell work:  Locate your IA Notebook and sit with a partner of your choosing.  Document your word on page 69.  Locate your Night materials: book and journal and have those materials on your desk for Schroyer to collect.  BYOT

Homework:  Complete today’s classwork and be ready to present your literary term’s definition to the class tomorrow.

Classwork:  Working with your partner:

  • On your notebook paper complete a quick sketch of your word and what will be included in your presentation

  • You may act out your word

  • You may create a skit for your word

  • Frayer Model

  • Tweet your word

  • Create a Fakebook for your word

  • Other creative ideas you may have?  Ask Schroyer

  • Select your literary term

  • Using your phone and or our literature book, define your word, and get started

  • At a minimum you must define your word, list multiple synonyms, and illustrate your word

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