Agenda 11/30/2017



Bell work:  Pen, IA Notebook, page 40, notebook paper/  planning sheet (think FLEE MAP) from yesterday.

Homework:  Be sure pages 59-67 are up-to-date and ready for grading.  No extra time will be given once these pages are graded.

Periods 1-5:  NIGHT annotations and journal entries are due on Monday.  NO EXCUSES!  That’s a whole extra weekend.  Quiz on Friday covering entire book.

Classwork:  ESSAY IS DUE AT THE END OF THE PERIOD!  Practice VLT Holocaust

  • TOPIC-  The questions and RACE paragraph ALWAYS have great information about the topic and often reveal exactly what you should write about.

  • CITATIONS- use them!  Not optional.  Use a variety too like In the first article, or the author of “First They Came for the Jews” stated

  • EXPLANATIONS- This evidence clearly means, this quote proves, this information means . . .

  • NO PRONOUNS- avoid, you, we, and I

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