Agenda 11/16/2017


Period 7-  Secure your IA Notebook, turn to pages 59 and 60.

Homework:  Re-read any part of Anne Frank which you have missed or do not understand including pages 59 and 60.


  • Watch the scenes we read yesterday

  • Document your observations onto page 59 and 60


Bell work: Realize your IA Notebook and turn to page 62.

Homework:  Re-read any part of Anne Frank which you have missed or do not understand including pages 59 and 60.  PARENT SIGNATURE on page 61???  Read Night beginning with the preface, forward, and through the page which pauses at this line:

     “One day, when we had just returned from the warehouse, …” (#5) 11/17/2017

          “Everybody outside!” (#4) by 11/16/2017.

     “The beloved objects that we had carried…” (#3) by 11/15/2017.

     “Thus passed the year 1943.”  Be at least this far in the text by Monday 11/13/2017. (#1)

     “NIGHT.  No one was praying for the night to pass quickly” by Tuesday 11/14/2017.  Comprehension quiz is tomorrow through Monday’s reading.  (#2)

       You are encouraged to read ahead.


  • working with your partners you will be assigned a topic to research using your copy of Night and your analysis

  • You will answer your question and follow the format of RACE along with FSA rubric found on page 36.

  • avoid our past mistakes:

  • rhetorical questions

  • tired transitions of yesteryear

  • missing the topic

  • weak elaborations

  • multiple pieces of (lengthy) evidence with just one elaboration

  • using the info from the text as if it were your own

  • Your paragraph is due in 15 minutes

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