Agenda 11/8/2017


Bell work:  Secure your IA Notebook, handout by the door, and locate a pen.  (Period 7 is excluded from the following) Review handout on Night and register your book’s # on the sign out sheet coming around.  Let me know if you do not have access to sticky notes.  Do NOT use super-sticky ones.  These will rip the pages of the book.  Turn to page 59 and determine which additional character you will follow on page 60.  Your 2nd character choice is due today for all classes including period 7.

HomeworkSIGNATURE ON THIS HANDOUT IS DUE TOMORROW.  Re-read The Diary of Anne Frank beginning on page 280 to clarify any parts which may be unclear and to add to both pages 59 and 60.


  • Continue reading the play.  7th period = page 314.

  • All other classes continue starting on page 306.

  • Be sure to follow along with our readers

  • Be sure to document all dates important activities onto page 59

  • Determine who will be your second character and add him/ her to your bubble map ASAP

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