Agenda 10/27/2017

Bell work:  Procure your IA Notebook, one sheet of notebook paper, and a pen

Homework:  None


  1. Retrieve your VLT packet and remediate the questions you missed.

  2. two grades are LEFT= FLEE MAP/ RIGHT: questions 1-3 including RACE paragraphs

  3. Write Remediation on top of ntbk paper.  Then:

  • Question #1 in RACE format regarding what the correct answer is and why.  MUST be in RACE format for credit.

  • Questions 2 and 3 maybe be re-written in RACE paragraph form on notebook paper.

  • Please note these questions use the word stepS or reasonS.

  • Points were generally lost due to-

  • No C (or citation) quote, or no name of article used, or the author stated, either with ” ” or paraphrasing your evidence

  • No E (er explanation) of what your evidence means or shows

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