Agenda 10/19/2017



Bell work:  IA Notebook, page 49, draft of your questions.  Procure your materials:  foam board, printed QR code, printed pictures, captions, etc.  GET OUT YOUR PHONE AND TURN IT ON.  🙂

Homework:  BRING EAR BUDS TOMORROW.  Project is due by end of class TODAY.  You can walk in with a completed project BEFORE SCHOOL on Friday.  This means no glue, no scissors, nothing but a project ready to go- ready to present.


  1. Add FREE QR SCANNER from the App Store.  If your partner add this to their phone, you can share ear buds tomorrow. 

  2. Develop and create a draft of your 5 questions on page 49.

  3. Final copy of those questions goes on the index card.

  4. Questions will be graded for their level- check rubric

  5. Questions will also be graded for conventions of standard English capitalization, punctuation, and spelling of your questions.  

  6. Rubric (section called Poster)- text features, color, pride, appropriate

  7. Map out, cut out, organize where each piece of your project will go.  Save room for what you have not yet printed.  How does it look?

  8. Save room for index card and QR code.  Both MUST be in the lower right hand corner.



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