Agenda 10/17/17

Bell work: Gather your materials (no foam board) including SCRIPT!

Homework:  Print your QR code, print your pictures, compose and print captions for your pictures.  Remember, a picture caption is one sentence about the PICTURE and not so much about your project.  LATE materials.  Grade on materials will be tomorrow.


  • One last run through with your partner.  Look for easy places to stop if you would like to create more than one QR code.

  • YOU MUST SAVE THE QR CODE to your OFFICE365 account.  Be sure you make a new name for that.  Maybe Vocaroo, Holocaust Recording, or Kristallnacht File.

  • Share QR code/ file with your partner and Schroyer.  This is for a grade and it must come from both of your Office365 account- not just one.

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