Agenda 10/16/2017

Bell work:  Procure your materials and script.  Schroyer will be around to peruse your script for a grade.    Mini-lesson on recording.

Homework:  Get caught up on script if you are behind.  We will continue recording through tomorrow and then you are on your own for getting that piece completed.


  1. Finalize and practice, practice, practice your script.

  2. Look for good places to stop the recording.  You may have more than one QR code.

  3. Don’t forget your creative edge.

  4. If you are bored while you are recording, your audience will be bored as well.

  5. 3-5 minutes.  Don’t forget 3 minutes is the minimum!!!!!  You are likely to not get as good of a score after completing the minimum.

  6. SLOW DOWN, speak clearly, is your podcast serious?  Your topic sure is.

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