Agenda 10/10/2017

argu vocab here/      Holocaust dateshere

Bell work:  Procure your DIA and a pen.

Homework: FLASHCARDS and FRAYER models for all 11 vocab words are due tomorrow in order to re-take the argumentation vocab test.  End of the 9 weeks is this Friday.  Retaking that test is your best bet at improving your grade.

Continue working with your partner (perhaps electronically) on your script, pictures, captions, foam board, and special lettering or decorations are due IN CLASS Monday of next week.  Script will be graded for completion and we will begin recording.


  • Take your time but please know the suggested time on the test is one class period.  You must finish this test today.

  • Check your test over.

  • Turn to page 70 in the Close Reader workbook under your seat.  Begin reading and record your answers on the back of your DIA sheet.  This includes any questions involving writing.


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