Agenda 10/3/2017

Bell work:  On page 49, question #3, please write a mini-RACE paragraph regarding the contact you had with your partner.  (If you have no partner, please write about what you have accomplished thus far, again as a mini-RACE paragraph.)  Please include evidence such as phone call, text, e-mail, etc, what time did you make contact, who called or texted whom, what did you discuss, etc.

Homework:  Continue to research your topic and document your evidence on the YELLOW handout you got in class yesterday.  Contact your partner again regarding your project especially if you did not get in touch with each other the first time.  We will meet in the Media Center on Wednesday.  Bring your IA Notebook, yellow handout for notes, and be on time to avoid a tardy.


  • Continue researching your topic while working with your partner

  • You must have multiple DOCUMENTED resources

  • Minimum of six graphics- pictures, maps, illustrations, etc.

  • Begin writing your script using personification

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