Agenda 10/2/2017

Bell work:  Procure YELLOW handout near door and your work from last Friday: two annotated (using LLCCC) articles regarding teenagers and having a job and a completed FLEE MAP.  Put your name on all three.  I will collect and you should turn in what you completed even if not finished.  You have already received your extra time.

Homework:  Using your resources continue to research your topic.  Contact your partner tonight so you can see how this communication will work OR NOT WORK.


  1. Turn to page 49 in your IA Notebook and set it up for Cornell Notes.  (See page 35 for an example).

  2. On the left write these topics/ questions

    1. What is your project’s topic?

    2. What is your partner’s name?

    3. In what way(s) can you contact your partner?

    4. Who has a printer which you can use for your project?  (Pics and QR code)

    5. Who has a smart phone?  (for communication and research)

    6. Who has internet access?

    7. Wikipedia is a RESOURCE you will NOT get credit for using

    8. Begin with

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